Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dining Room - Overall Hypothesis

I've already done a preliminary hypothesis for the dining room, as well as a discussion on tables and curtains and other things. Of course nothing has been done in, let's say, a while. The floor and paint is still going strong. That's about all we have going for us right now.

(and John is like - "umm, are we getting curtains?" And I'm all like, "yeah, that's next on the list." And he's all like "but, didn't you just order a bedspread?" and I'm like "yeah, but this is next!" and he's all like "but, didn't we just meet with the contractor to discuss other stuff?" and I'm all like "ummm, isn't there a new episode of How I Met Your Mother on the DVR?")

So, I put together this storyboard of my dream dining room. For the moment. Minus the $6900 chandelier I was drooling over. Anyway, here's the breakdown...

The breakdown:
1. Walls - Balboa Mist matte finish Aura paint by Benjamin Moore.
2. Curtains are a must in this room and I would really love something that just touches the floor. A simple grey print like these would look amazing. (Source for the photo is from West Elm, although I changed the color to grey)
3. I would love a chandelier that incorporates opaque turquoise glass. But I'm not really loving those I'm finding online. (There is always this one available for an exorbitant amount of money - thanks, but no thanks). The one pictured would be a pretty alternative idea from Z Gallerie.
4. Our Halo dishes from C&B.
5. How about this sunburst mirror above our side console? (also from C&B).
6. The Madeleine chair from Restoration Hardware in a natural antiqued finish
7. Some random turquoise vases (pictures from Jayson Home - but I think one could find similar things at TJMaxx and Marshalls, etc)
8. Our Gourmet flatware from C&B.
9. A simple sisal rug underfoot would tie in the natural color of the chair.
10. This zinc-top table is the star of the room. I clearly do not respect wood.
11. A whimsical footed bowl from Anthropologie would finish off this room.

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