Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nursery Sneak Peek / Where have I been?

Right now I'm at 31 weeks and although we still have time, we've been working HARD the past few weeks trying to get the nursery together.

What we've done so far:
- finished painting the closet (thanks to Mom!) and now all surfaces are painted, yes!
- crib, dresser, chair, nightstand and lamp, all assembled/painted/delivered and in place
- acquired lots of baby stuff, unpacked and sorted into loose piles
- washed, sorted, and put away all baby clothes

What we need to do, yesterday:
- call electrician to install ceiling light
- acquire and hang window shades
- acquire and hang closet curtains
- acquire rug
- acquire toss pillows and comfy pouf ottoman thing
- organize shelves
- frame and hang artwork

What we need to do soon:
- pick out a name for this little one
- pack a hospital bag
- wait and freak out

Here is a sneak peek of the nursery: 
puppy rocker courtesy of my lil sis

Ok, so apparently I only post once every 3 months or so? What happened to me? I think I have a pregnancy-induced reluctance to sit on the blog. While we've been prepping and making the house cozy, I've just been meh about blogging. It's weird because it started almost exactly when I became pregnant. 

I've gone so far as to take a bunch of blogs off my reader. I have a really strong aversion to "crafting" and any mention of someone making custom labels for their leftover paint supply or anyone referring to themselves as a "maker" - it's just like ughhhhhhhh. Can't take myself that seriously. 

Also - I have, like, no time? What's up with that? I'm still going to sleep after midnight, waking up at 6:30am and running what feels like a marathon all day (big belly and all). Chores, errands, paperwork these things are, like, never-ending, in addition to my job. Thankfully the work load is lightening up and I will spend the next couple of weeks at work doing the "nesting" equivalent of office work. Organizing, throwing old stuff out, planning for the time I'm not there.

Now it's Christmas-time and I'm in overdrive getting presents wrapped and together. I think next year I'm going to cut back on presents. It's getting to be too much work. (Yes, I'm a Scrooge).

John told me he would be working late tonight, so when I got home I managed to get a bunch of Christmas lights up in the front window and even hung a wreath on the front stoop. I can't wait to surprise him. (I already made a big deal that I was too tired and busy to deal with Christmas decorations.) Well, 4 days before Christmas - not too bad, right?