Friday, October 1, 2010

Dining Room - Curtain hypothesis

When I'm unsure of what I'm doing in the house, I usually dust off the ol' Photoshop brush tool and fiddle around with things. This time I'm thinking about the dining room window treatments.

This is how the dining room looks right now:
If we lived in the middle of the woods, I would leave the windows as is. But this is the side of the house, and it faces my neighbors driveway, garbage pails, basement windows, etc. I totally understand these things being there, but I don't want to look at them.

This window is perpendicular to the side window, and faces the backyard. The radiator is located directly under the window and moving it is not an option. We also use this window for our AC in the summertime, so the window treatment has to accommodate for both.

After fiddling around with it, I came up with these solutions so far...
For continuity purposes, I think the long wall calls for one long curtain rod. We would need 4 brackets to contain the curtain panels within the limits of each window. I'd like to see solid curtains in a neutral print along the outside of the windows, and white shears along the inside. So light would still come in, but I wouldn't have to stare at a garbage can while eating.

For the back window I think we have to use the same solid curtain/white shear combo and use a hook to hold back the drape.

Any other options?


p.s. I'm in the middle of a MAJOR painting project. Update soon!


  1. I like the one long curtain rod, which i didn't think I would and the solid curtain on the side, but i think you still need a shade underneath - I guess you can always add it if you feel you want more privacy - good job!

  2. Rethink the curtains over the radiator - fire hazard.