Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dining Room - Table hypothesis

Cozying up for the next day or so through this snow storm and hoping everyone is doing the same!

So anyway...

What do you think of this zinc-top dining table?
The same table is pictured and available to buy from this lovely lady (you must click on that link to see the most gorgeous table-scape you can ever imagine - and I'm not one to toss around the word table-scape lightly).

I'm kind of liking the idea of a table that has an industrial edge and especially leaning towards a table that incorporates metal materials.

The table pictured above is 78" long by 36" wide. I'm hoping it can comfortably seat 3 on each long side so we can seat at least 8.


this one from the Restoration Flatiron series:

I practically invented this table after FLIPPING OUT over the 100" long version they originally came out with last year.

It is 6 inches shorter than the first table - 72" x 36". (They call it a "kitchen table" because all of their furniture is made for people who are 10 feet tall with 25 children living in gymnasiums). I love the color of the wood top but it is a very specific color which means we would probably be limited to the exact matching wood chairs from Restoration (greyish, antiqued) or using something completely different like upholstered or slip-covered chairs.
Not sure if we could fit 3 down each side, however.

The prices on both tables are fairly affordable so that isn't a factor in this whole mess.



  1. Ame - my table is 85" and certainly fits 4 on each side comfortably - you can squeeeeeeeze 4 people on the 78" - I like the second choice with the wood top better - so you can definitely fit 3 people easily - I'm only saying . . . . .

  2. I love the zinc table...I have been searching everywhere for it...what website is it and how much?

  3. Hi Sarah, I believe you have to order the table through a designer. The one on the above link - Urban Grace - can coordinate and they have quoted to me $600 plus shipping (not bad!) You can contact them through their website. Good luck!

  4. amy love the table ........i think its a good size for your dining room