Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Much to-do about nothing...

I need to take a break from Christmas stuff and focus on what's going to happen in the New Year.

These are all the projects that have been gnawing at me - the things I daydream about. These are my zombie-crazies. And they will be eradicated this winter! I'm hoping this post is an ass-kicking into productivity. (It worked last time and I ended up completing most of the goals I set!) Let the ugly begin!


1) Closet Messes.
Empty, toss-away, organize, paint. Yes. Paint.

Front closet. Gag.

Upstairs linen closet.

2) Living Room.
Just finish it already.

Bookshelf and mantle need paint.

Staircase and stairwell walls need paint...
before, before

halfway there.


3) Lighting.
Change it.

Front vestibule sconce, barf.

Outside porch light, meh...

Living room sconces.


4) Window treatments.

Dining room needs drapes that exist outside of computer imagery.

Sunroom/office needs thermal shades.
Also shades without gross stains. (Came with the house. Don't be a hater.)


5) Furniture:

I'll be keeping a lookout for a new coffee table and a rug for the living room...

Not a comfortable set-up.

The Dining Room table/chair situation needs help.
Gigantic dining room seats 4 people.

Office desk area could be cleaned up with a new desk top, painted file cabinets with new hardware, and a clean-up wire solution.


And if I magically have extra money and time this spring, I will be all about:

- Painting the 3rd bedroom

- Tree and shrubbery removal

- New car

- New driveway

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  1. What about replacing the dining room chandelier??? :P