Thursday, June 17, 2010



Just got a sweet haircut last night. I know it's still looking kind of large, but that is my hair after all, and I'm trying to embrace the crazy waves.

He actually cut off like 4-5 inches! And layered everything that was left. Then he gave me this awesome goo:
It's called Hair Resort by Kevin Murphy. And it makes your hair look, smell and feel like you just spent the day at the beach.


So sorry for the lack of house updates. We have so much to do, but every weekend we're working the barbeque circuit, as my friend Kim always says. The warm weather will do that!

But maybe if I start keeping track of my goals it will start nudging me in the right direction...
My goals for the next 6 months:
1) Lots of painting/mini construction projects coming up: finish the bathroom door, finish touching-up trim in the guest room and painting the vestibule and stairwell area, to name a few.
2) Lighting: I just counted the number of electrical fixtures that need to be replaced: 4 ceiling fans, 5 wall sconces, 1 dining room chandelier, 1 hallway light, yikes! Hope to have at least a few of these done soon.
3) Backyard clean-up. Still haven't touched a huge portion of the yard.
4) Window treatments: Everything in place right now is a temporary fix. Got to get it going!
5) Furniture. I need a bed, dining room table/chairs and a coffee table in the worst way. Also have huge plans to neaten up the desk area in our office/sunroom.
6) Bathroom sink! Hello?? We're still brushing our teeth in the bathtub!

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