Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bathroom - Part 11 - Some details

Oh the shame. I looked back at my last bathroom update 3 MONTHS AGO! Ooops! The entire summer without a bathroom update... until now!

My parents helped put some pep in my step last week and working together we got a few smaller, yet overwhelming, projects done.

The first was the toilet paper holder:

Now this may seem like a completely easy task. But it did take 3 of us to install. Of course, because we were going through drywall instead of the beam we needed to use those little plastic screw things that scare me. You know what I'm talking about? But after reading (and questioning the accuracy of) the directions like 20 times (the directions were right, I'm just insane) we did it.
Now let me get this thought out: the vertical holder is weird. Really weird. I never thought in my life I would have to get one of these. However, that small space between the window, the radiator, and that weird corner-thingy is really the only place to install it, and that space is just a tiny bit too narrow. So that's how we ended up going the vertical route.

The next project was the back of the door. Now unfortunately, I do not have a before picture. But what happened was at some point about 30 or so years ago, someone decided it would be a great idea to cover the back of the original door with plastic laminate that resembled a dark wood:
This is not our door, just an image I found on the internet that accurately describes the kind of mess I was dealing with. So the inside of the door was this, and the outside of the door was original to the house with the paneled look (same as all the other doors - you can see in my old post here).

When we had a contractor working on the bathroom, back in like March or something, I, pretty please with sugar on top, asked him to see if they could crowbar the laminate off. We were left with a solid wood door that had some gashes on it. But it was much more workable. I can bore you with the details of what I did next, but thankfully I didn't take step-by-step photos. Basically, I filled in the cracks and gashes with wood filler, sanded down, then put a layer of plaster over that and sanded down again:

Then I waited about 6 months. Maybe the bathroom door fairies would finish this one night while I was sleeping? I decided I was tired of waiting for that to happen.

We picked up a few pieces of decorative wood and started cutting them into frame pieces. Everything needed to be cut on a 45 degree angle, while keeping mindful of what side was what.
Try to form the frame on the floor as you're cutting each piece (as above) and you'll see what I mean. Also buy more wood than you need. Just in case.

We followed the frame sizes as they occurred on the other doors in our house. There was also the faint outline on this door of where the framing used to be, so we used that as a guide and a few 3/4 inch nails to attach the wood pieces to it:

Next came caulking (I can't emphasis the caulking enough! It makes such a difference with woodwork!) and painting:

I even replaced the doorknob with a new one from Anthropologie - it matched the silver colors of the room much better than the existing knob. I do need to someday replace the door plate, since it is rusting a little. But it is ok for now:
Next up is our sink area:

The chair and plant are holding it's place. But we do technically OWN a sink, which is light-years ahead of where we were a few months ago:
To be continued...

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  1. I want everyone to know it took 3 Spotas and 2 hours to put that molding on the door - only 1 miss cut - we really need a carpenter in the family.