Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Doors - Part 1 - and hopefully more parts to come

Our upstairs hallway has 6 doors.

Each needs both sides painted. Cracks filled in. Sanding. 2 doors need to be replaced with the original doors I found in the garage. They must all match. They must all have matching door knobs. I'm obsessed!

Two days after we bought the house, we were up there scraping the wallpaper away. But I needed to go over every square inch with sandpaper. I needed to fill in more cracks. We took a 8pm ride to Lowe's last Wednesday just so I could get more caulk to fill in the gaps around the molding that night. I took a day off work last Friday just to get the hallway done!

Until last week the upstairs hallway looked like this (multiply this view by 6, because of the 6 doors):


As I was painting each door I could see the stark difference between the new, white paint and the old, yellowy color.

After days and days of prep, I even managed to paint the ceiling and walls. Yes!

Now that it's done, it's so much better...


Notice if you look on the left side, the stairwell isn't done yet. Still more scraping, filling, caulking and painting there. Don't worry about us - we have plenty more to do!

The view of the hallway from bed is even better. So calming! You can even see a sneak peak of the bedroom wall color below:


Still need to replace the 2 doors and refinish the upstairs floor - little by little!

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