Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bathroom - Part 5 - New view

Just looked at my last bathroom update - 2 months ago!

We're getting back into it. Got to finish the bathroom already! We're starting to become complacent with the plastic-covered plywood floor and blue toilet. Not cool!

Yesterday we had the window replaced...
Of course this window needed new molding, and of course since I'm a stickler, it needed to match the molding in the rest of the house. And the window itself had to be wood instead of vinyl. And it was a custom size since it was a weird shape window. And we needed the frosted glass option for privacy. So it cost a zillion and a half dollars in the end. But I think it was worth it...

We still need to prime and paint - it could have come primed but it was $79 extra - I'll do it myself thank you very much!
And I've also scheduled the tile guy to do the floor next week. I can't wait! When it's done we'll have the new toilet put in. It won't look like a construction zone any more! I can barely contain my excitement!

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