Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Guest Bedroom Closet

I started prepping the guest bedroom this past Friday (these snow days are handy!) thinking I would have the entire room fully painted and DONE by the end of the weekend. HA. Double HA.

But I did get a few things done:
- emptied this room with the help of dear hubby
- removed the horrible heavy sliding closet doors and hardware (they were falling off their tracks and I've been there, done that and been back again a bazillion times - no more sliding closet doors ever!)
- scrubbed all the grime from around the windows
- caulked and plastered almost all the holes around the room
- painted one coat on all the trim
- and turned my attention towards this beauty:

closet, before

First I removed the last lingering items from the shelves. Then I removed each shelf, being careful to number each on the inside (the side that wouldn't be painted over)...

I laid everything on the floor on top of some cardboard. And yes, we're getting the floors refinished soon, but I didn't want to be a pig about it! Then I rolled some primer on the top of each shelf.

The next day, I flipped the shelves, and primed and painted the underside...

Then I got to work on the closet walls and trim. Just painting everything in the Ben semi-gloss Decorator's White. So far, I was only able to get one coat on 2 of the three sections. I had to stop because it was 11:30 last night. But I was able to get paint over some of the hallucinogenic leaves...

That's it for the next few days... major bathroom work getting done this weekend. I can't wait!

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