Friday, March 5, 2010

Bathroom - Part 6 - Floored

And so continues the saga of the bathroom...

These past few days the bathroom has undergone yet another dramatic transformation. Say goodbye to the plastic-covered floors and blue toilet. We're really gonna miss you - NOT!

Last night we came home to a gigunda mistake - not enough grout! So it had to be finished today.

Look closer...

You can see the back end of the bathroom is grouted, the front end cost us another late night at Lowe's and one hungry couple. (No honey, we can't eat until we stop and pick up the grout!)

Just for posterity's sake, here's a photo of the grout - Spectra Lock in Light Pewter color. It's supposed to be very high quality, stain resistant, etc, etc (and it had better be!)

But the wait was well worth it. Came home to this beauty today - isn't it lovely?

Also a new toilet...

And another project...(our contractor ripped off the ugly dark plastic laminate from the back of the door and now it needs a good sanding, caulking, and painting)

So what do we have left on our to-do list? Oh plenty...
-- Install shower light cover
-- Caulk, prime, and paint all trim work
-- Paint the walls
-- Install switch plate covers
-- Sand, caulk, paint front and back of door
-- Get a radiator cover (our contractor is already working on this)
-- Sink - everyone thinks I'm crazy for living so long without a sink but the truth is you get used to washing your hands and brushing your teeth in the tub REAL FAST. I'm so busy trying to get the messy stuff* done that I'm waiting a little while longer. But I might start looking at options soon.
-- Any decorative items - including shower curtain, wall sconces, sink mirror, storage cabinet, toilet paper holder, towel hooks, new towels, etc, etc. For this I'm also waiting a bit - in a month we are getting our second floor wood floor refinished and I know it's going to make a mess.

* Messy stuff - anything I have to do myself (painting) and anything that wreaks havoc on my wallet (flooring)


  1. love the tile and I have a friend that swears by Spectralock. It's supposed to be great.

  2. oh! awesome! I literally bought it without any research, just saw that it came in a color I liked :)