Friday, September 17, 2010

Oui Paris

Just got back from my very short trip. Lessons learned?

#1: "Oui" is French for "yes", not "si". But there is no hope of my ever grasping this language.
#2: Break an egg over every food. Add cheese. Eat. Lots.
#3: Keep ordering Kir Royals until the jet lag wears off.

I managed to squeeze in a few photos, in between the shoe-hunting and the credit-card-damaging:

Everything looks like this


Stained glass at the Hotel Lutetia

Ceiling of Galeries Lafayette

I also spent a couple nights in London. But no photos. What happened? I think I was slap-happy at that point. Too much champagne? But London is one of my favorite places ever. (Hi Jordan!) I end up there every few years or so and I'm always so happy to go. Cheers!

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