Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Office corner

It has been a little crazy around here. Don't really have an excuse, it's just been hard to sit on the computer at night to do anything. So sorry for the lack of blog posts...

I've realized that the core of many of my problems lie (or lay?) in paperwork over-flowage. There is this steady stream of mail and garbage that takes over our dining room table. This is actually a tame pile:

This is only about 1/4 of the table - but it is not unusual for the pile to overtake the entire table. It makes me crazy!

I determined that we need a paperwork station to corral all this stuff...

1. Parsons Mini Desk from West Elm
2. Chartreuse Chair from CB2 - but I'll try to re-purpose a thrift-store chair or something...
3. Mirror lamp from West Elm - but I will try to find something smaller from TJMaxx or Target...
4. Pencil cup from the Container Store
5. Lacquer tray from West Elm
6. Letter Tray from Container Store
7. Succulent plant, just because it looks cute in this image...

This little corner mini-office will go in the corner of our office, right where the trunk currently sits:

I'm ordering some of the pieces now... will share photos soon!

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