Saturday, February 18, 2012

to-do ... late winter / spring edition

Sorry for the lack of posting... besides being super busy, I'm in the middle of a million different projects.  
So-- that means no neat before-and-after photos.

Here's a glimpse of what is happening around here, in to-do list form:

1) We committed to, and ordered two tables from Ballard Designs. to use in front of our sofa...

I'd also like to add a couple of pouf cushions and throw pillows to the room...

* * *

2) I put 1 coat of polyurethane on our stairs. It dried quickly. But I haven't been able to commit to a second coat. I will have to do that one night right before we go to sleep; start at the bottom of the stairs and paint ourselves into a corner for the night, so to speak.

After that, I'll have to prime and paint the risers as well as some other touch-ups around the stairs.

* * *

3) After I finish painting the stairs... there is a lot of touch-up work to do everywhere...
- touch up wall paint around the house
- patch and repair hole behind bedroom door
- patch and repair ceiling area next to stairs
- touch up white trim around the house
- touch up wall paint around the house
- finish white paint inside closet of 3rd bedroom

All that should in theory take about 1-2 hours of my time, but I will procrastinate for months I'm sure...

* * *

4) Acquire and have lighting installed:
- dining room chandelier
- vestibule sconce
- front stoop ceiling light
- upstairs hallway ceiling light
- upstairs master bedroom ceiling light
- upstairs 2 small bedrooms ceiling lights

* * *

5) Basement:
- repair and paint floor
- paint walls
- order treadmill
- workout everyday

5) Bedroom:
I've been pulling together furniture and accessories to give our bedroom a boost. Here's a sneak peek at the old screen our contractor was about to throw out. I spent some time repairing it to look like this, but it needs to be spray-painted and hopefully used as a headboard...

We also need to order a new duvet cover for our new comforter.
And we need better bed-side lamps.

* * *

6) Office
I really want to fix up our large desk to resemble this:
In addition we desperately need to:
- repair gigantic crack in the ceiling
- install new ceiling fan
- cozy it up with a rug
- custom-build a radiator cover
- get a cute cheap chair for my billing station

* * *

I think we can accomplish most of this over the next few months. Here is a look at my to-do list from a few months ago - a lot of the big projects were surprisingly accomplished!!

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