Monday, January 9, 2012


before and after

One of our biggest furniture issues is our lack of nightstands. Basically. I have a tiny little nightstand and John has the edge of the radiator. It isn't really working for us.

We took our old nightstands out of storage: 

I inherited these from my grandmother. They are in excellent condition. They are solid wood, except for the tops which are laminate-made-to-look-like-wood, and the backs which are masonite board. I'm just throwing that out there to prove that these aren't prized antiques that need to be saved and restored. They have lasted for many decades, and they have sturdy, dove-tailed jointed drawers, but they are worthy of a makeover!

I knew I wanted two things: paint and ring hardware. After a little research I was thinking something like this:

I found these hardware rings from Lee Valley hardware...

Then, because I can't do anything the easy way, I picked up like 20 paint swatches, obsessed for a few days, narrowed it to my favorites, and eventually picked the one:

I had to drill one single hole in the center of each drawer and patch the old holes, since we switched the type of hardware used. 

Then I wiped some deglosser on all the surfaces, which is supposed to make the primer "stick". 

Then came the primer.

Then the paint, Benjamin Moore Aura in satin finish, Wrought Iron:

Ta da!

We have some more changes to make in the bedroom - some additions and rearranging and refurbishing, I'll show the progress here over the next few weeks...

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