Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I walk past this room like, constantly. It's been so frustrating looking at this mess for so long. We really needed to finish this so we could move on with other projects.

Taking a look back at this room three months ago...

After a little patching and sanding and a few days of painting the trim white, I applied a coat of Benjamin Moore Aura matte finish in the palest shade of aqua. Specifically, I had True Value color-match "Pianissimo 7005-20" from Valspar.

Since the Aura paint already has primer built in, I was able to cover the turquoise completely with 2 coats - no touch-ups needed. I seriously love this stuff.

If you are curious, I wrote more about Aura paint here...


We still have some more projects in this room - lighting, furniture, window coverings, etc. But at least we have a blank slate to work with. Since this was the last major project upstairs we are now able to move our hardware supplies to the basement and the old mess can be forgotten.

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