Tuesday, January 26, 2010


My Hero

I spent almost every waking minute this past weekend painting our bedroom and dining room. I haven't had a chance to take decent photos, because I haven't been home much during daylight hours. But lots of photos to come! And more painting!

In the meantime I can't say enough about Benjamin Moore's Aura paint. It costs more than the average can - about $55-$65 per gallon --- but it acts as primer, 1st coat, and 2nd coat in the first layer you put on. I've covered bright orange walls with a soft pale grey in one coat! So I've actually saved money using this paint.

You have to follow 2 rules if using Aura:

1) It has to be applied in a specific way. You can't "go over" an area that's halfway dry. If you do, your brush or roller will actually "pick up" the half dry paint, leaving the old color underneath exposed. To avoid this, you have to either let it dry completely before touch ups or keep your leading edge damp, or skip around the room. Or you have to do your "cut-in" edging and roller the wall very quickly and all at once. It sounds more complicated than it really is. You just have to stay conscious of these issues while you are painting. And if you mess up, which you will if it's your first time, it's ok, just avoid the problem area until it's dry, then go over with the roller.

2) You have to use a nice white roller, no yellow or cheapy-foam stuff. After all, this is the "Cadillac of Paints" according to our local True Value.

It dries very fast. I finished painting my bedroom 10pm on Sunday night and fell asleep in the same room shortly after. There are absolutely no fumes.

Love you Aura paint!

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