Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Guest room progress

Finally, FINALLY we have a functioning guest room. It's amazing what one crucial piece of furniture can do to a room.

Case in point - this was our guest room for the past few months...

Uh, something missing?

So after our new bed purchase in our bedroom, we moved our old bed into the guest room. Actually the mattress people did all the moving. I just did all the laundry.


So we have our guest room ready in time for my sister's visit this weekend! (It's a surprise for her since she thinks she's sleeping on the couch for the umpteenth time).

(By the way - periods before or after the parenthesis? I got in a fight over this with my friend and we didn't talk for days afterward. Literally. But I cant remember which way was right.) -or- ).

We still need to get some kind of curtains or shades, I'm not sure what I'll find tomorrow at Target, but my primary concern will be sealing the room off from as much light as possible during the day. Of course we need lamps, a nice little area rug. Oh, and I also have plans to make a little black and white gallery wall over the vanity. The vanity FYI, is a piece from Nanny's bedroom set. The chair needs to be covered. Both chairs actually. So lots more projects to come.
Etc, forever and ever.

Also, because everyone loves a before picture:
Absolutely horrifictabulous

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