Monday, November 22, 2010

Guest room - another update!

I know what you're thinking - how lucky you are to be looking at not ONE but TWO (!) guest room updates during these past couple of weeks. Yes, I know you were really, really holding your breath on this one.

So my mother had to question why I changed the layout to my original plan. I had some excuse. But then I got to thinking. And as usual mother knows best. So I switched around some of the furniture to what I originally was going to do. And I think I do like it better:
I also added in the curtains for REAL cheap - both windows cost about $25 (together) at Target for the tension rod plus curtain panels. I would like to come back and do something a little fancier, but this is fine for keeping the dim light in the morning.
To see the previous layout, you can click here, or just scroll down a few posts...


Oh, and the bathroom is complete!!!!!
I will hopefully get a few decent photos tomorrow morning and will share with you this week.

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  1. Well THAT was a surprise! - I can't take credit though since it was your idea to begin with - ya big silly.