Sunday, August 29, 2010

Yard Schtuff

So yes, there's is still a gigantic pile of cardboard boxes in the basement, ready to be smashed up, closets to be sorted through and attics to be organized. And yes, I still have a bazillion things to do to finish up the bathroom. But for today, I had only one purpose: to remain outside as long as possible.

So after my morning run, I sprinkled some new grass seed in the front yard. Trying to solve my ongoing lawn problem...
The photo is completely gratuitous, as it really shows nothing. But it's funny how the light tints everything yellow this late in the summer time.

I also planted my mums in new pots which you can see on either side of the front staircase.


So I decided while I was in the swing of things (read: in my gym shorts, sweaty and covered in dirt), I might as well turn my efforts to the backyard. I want to be a little more proactive come next spring. And I have been thinking lately of turning an unused little plot just outside my kitchen door into a little herb garden.

Before I took those photos, I ripped up a LOT of really tall weeds. It is like a jungle in the back yard. So things seem to pop up out of nowhere and really take hold.

After the weeds were removed, I was left with a really slanted, uneven area filled with rocks. Yeah! Then came a few hours of pulling out a few small boulders and really old (really large) roots followed by raking and trying to even out the soil. The Yuengling really helped with this.

I decided to be even more ambitious and build a little brick wall around the garden. It won't protect any of the plants from anything, but it does look nice. And it keeps all the dirt contained and tidy.

Ta da!

I'm going to add some fresh topsoil next spring. Then I'll see what I plant. This area gets a few hours of sun in the summer, so I'm thinking basil, lavender, mint. And some other things. Can't wait.

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  1. Aren't you the energetic one - whew! - I'm exhausted just reading about it - looks great Ame