Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Out of the closet

Sorry I'm such a bad bad blogger. In my head I'm creating informative and insightful posts on a daily basis. What happens in actuality depends on if I am sent to, let's say, Dallas, for less than 24 hours, forced to get up at 4 am 2 mornings in a row to make my flights.

So I am back. And I was able to hit up a Zara in the process. And buy fall clothes. Because this 95 degree weather is just putting me in a fall clothes mood.

And this called for a closet clean out. That's right. Tonight. Out with the old and in with the new. Got rid of 4 pairs of shoes and a BUNCH of raggedy old shirts. The ones I pass on everyday. You know the ones. You have them too. Or the shirt you bought 2 years ago and the price tag is still on it. Yes, that one, away you go!

I do this closet clean out at least twice a year. Sometimes I'll go as far as to remove every single item from the closet and only put back the things I absolutely love and wear.

Anybody else out there thinking about and making room for some new fall clothes?

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