Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Guest room, Sort of

Someone commented that I never posted a finished picture of the painted headboard! Oops!

I suppose if I had broken out the spray paint, it would have been a quicker project, but the thought of getting into the car, driving to True Value, buying some spray paint, driving back, dragging the headboard to the garage, spraying, waiting, and dragging back upstairs sounded sooo ughhhhhhh. (I know, I'm weird... and lazy). After all, I had a paintbrush, primer, and paint sitting literally feet away from the headboard. So it took me some more time to paint, but here we are...
I thought she came out pretty - now we need to make this a functional guest room (like, with a bed, or something?).

Our intention is to get a new bed for us, and put our current bed in the guest room. But our intentions come with a price tag. I'm going to take the plunge soon since the lack of bed is preventing our near and dear from spending the night and avoiding traffic (Hi mom! Hi Dad!) So it will happen soon, hopefully!

In another corner, we installed this precious little sparkly thing - another Home Goods find:
At first I wasn't sure if it was cheesy or not, but I like it's celestial quality. And we needed mirrors badly! Now I can see my shoes and my head in the mirror at the same time (kind of important!).

So this will probably be my last "guest room" update until we get the bed situated (and curtains, and hang pictures, and install the radiator cover, and...)

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