Thursday, August 12, 2010

Painting the Roses Bed...

I painted our old headboard white recently. This is the bed that's intended for the guest room:
(excuse the flourescent walls, this is the reason the third bedroom is being used as a dumping grounds/painting room/furniture staging area)

It's a metal headboard from Pottery Barn circa 5 years or so ago. I just dry-brushed primer on, and followed it up with a few coats of semi-gloss white).

Played hooky yesterday and spent the day with my parents and Jeni, shopping for loads of goodies at Home Goods and Lowes. We intended to acquire a rug for the living room, and curtains and a curtain rod for the dining room. Of course we came home with neither, but we did score a pretty awesome mirror for the guest room, as well as the supplies needed (hooks, nails, wire) to start hanging things on the walls.

I also got some paint, sandpaper, and drop cloths for our guest-room dresser renovation. Maybe I will be motivated this weekend to start and finish a project? Or maybe next week, or next weekend, or...

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  1. How about an "after" photo of the new white headboard? I am contemplating painting my headboard too.