Monday, August 9, 2010

Lawn Envy

Photo courtesy of someone... somewhere... (definitely not me!)

Our front yard is quickly deteriorating into a burnt up mess that's been half dug-up by squirrels and birds and half invaded by alien crabgrass. Ironically, the gravel/dirt driveway, which is covered with weeds, is the greenest part of our property. Oh cruel, cruel world - the driveway is mocking our lawn!

I realize now we should have planted a bunch of boxwoods in our flower bed earlier this spring, but I was just too lazy at the time and now our garden consists of mostly old wood chips, and a wilted, leggy hydrangea plant.

I find myself envying my neighbors lawn/driveway/edging job the way I used to envy some cool girl's shoes or haircut on the subway. I fantasize about laying down asphalt, or re-graveling the driveway, I dream about re-seeding the lawn and spraying it with Miracle-Gro. When did I turn into this person?

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