Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dark and Moody

I've re-considered the direction of the navy guest bedroom. I originally thought nautical was the way to go.

I do want to keep the navy walls. But I want to make it darker, moodier, and dreamier. I've been contemplating this photo for literally months now:
Elle Decor, March 2010

This was the photo that first made me think of painting the walls navy. And now I come back to it. How great is this room??? If you take away the pink flowers (which are pretty, but realistically I will not be having fresh peonies in the room at all times) we are left with lots of framed black and white images, touches of gold, and white furniture. The tiny touches of lavender - love love love! Also I can't resist that dark lamp shade.

Then I saw this photo yesterday on Bryn's website:
Ahhh! This is what I'm talking about - creamy cushioning, antiqued metals on the walls, white trim. Cozy and dark.

This morning I remembered my stash of magazine tears. Look at this page from Domino circa Nov 2005:
Sorry, this image is so gnarly, but I think the point comes across nicely.

More creamy and white fabrics, the dark black lampshade, the dark black glossy mantle (which could be the finish for the dresser), the iron frame head board, another black/white framed image, and another tiny touch of lavender!

I think I know what I'm doing. Let the shopping begin!

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  1. I never thought that "nautical" theme was YOU anyway.