Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Good Houses: LA style

My sister, Jeni, recently moved into an awesome apartment in Los Angeles. It's kind of Melrose Place style - Early 20th Century stucco building with a courtyard. A pomegranate tree right outside her front door. Yeah, it was pretty hard to leave LA.

Anyway, some followers of the blog (hi Mom!) have been requesting photos of the place and Jeni gave me permission to show her space, so here goes...

Living Room
Only in LA can an aqua couch look totally at home. Sweet

Living room
Jeni took an old pink cabinet, painted it ivory and added legs. Such a cute sideboard!

Reading nook
That's John getting down and dirty with the iPad

Kitchen looking into Reading Nook

Vintage Wedgewood stove. So incredible.


Vintage dresser

All the old fixtures still remain in place.

This home is so charming! All the original architectural details remain in place - the floor to ceiling windows, the arched doorways - all are so sweet! And what's even better Jeni was able to decorate it all on a crazy budget. Most pieces - the mirrors, the dressers and tables and furniture were all incredible bargains from thrift and vintage shops, or hand-me-downs from friends. A lot of the accessories came from places like Ikea, Home Goods, etc. It all came together to make such a cute home. Congrats!

When am I invited back?

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