Monday, August 16, 2010

Attic dreams...

It is my dream to renovate our attic space into something like this. Storage shelves and cabinets built into the side spaces, and white floors, ceilings and walls, to bring in all the sunlight. I would make it into an extra guestroom/tv room/office/studio.

Our attic has a generously-sized staircase leading up to it, and dormer windows on three sides. I know it would be such a sweet room, so much more than a storage space!

Photo courtesy of Country Home via House of Turquoise.


  1. Hey Amy,

    Love the inspiration image of the attic. I do think all white is a good idea here because it is a tighter space with smaller windows. Maybe you can paint this white and do your kitchen cabinets in white and then it will be out of your system! Save the bookcases and staircase from the white paint attack!

  2. You are too funny.

    My solution for everything is to paint it white. But I haven't had a chance to touch the bookcases or staircase, so they're safe for now!