Thursday, May 20, 2010

I want, I NEED...

I usually have piles of old magazines on my bookshelves, with folded pages and a bazillion ideas that never come to fruition. But this time, I NEEDED the a pair of Layla pillows from Crate and Barrel that were featured on the May cover of House Beautiful. They arrived and they are awesome.

This page really SPOKE to me, now I'm on the lookout for a second set of pillows to pair with these. I love that there is a bolder pattern on the front pillows and the Layla pillows kind of anchor the whole thing in the back:
Love the fact that there are things other than a remote control and yesterday's beer bottles on the table. Love the bright blue painting behind the couch, the little shell bowl, I'd even take the peaches.

I love the glass coffee table too, but since our couch and coffee table will face the television, I'm nervous about an upside-down reflection appearing in a shiny table top. I also want something that's not wood, since we have so much dark wood going on in the room as it is. (And yes, I am completely obsessive when it comes down to the most mundane details that nobody else would ever ever think about).

But have no fear, I'm totally cyber-stalking this little number:
It's the Conservatory table. It's also from C&B* and it has a worn metal top with a greenish blue patina. The flat top turns over to form a tray-top. It's also the right shape and size. Why do we not own this already? Wouldn't it look cute with a little plant in a white container and a short stack of books or magazines?

*I kind of hate the thought of getting a bunch of stuff from the same big box store, (I already have my heart set on the Colette bed as mentioned in yesterday's post) but I can't help it if they have several major pieces of furniture that I can hardly survive without, right?

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