Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bathroom - Part 9 - Almost, but no cigar

Last week I set myself on finishing the paint in the bathroom...

The funny thing is - while a small room technically should be faster painting, once you fit in all the supplies needed:
Plus the step ladder - there's hardly any room to work:
I seesawed with the idea of taping...
...and taping won. It took me a while to put the tape up but I am glad I did - the painting went pretty quick once I started - and no touch-ups needed.

Now the picture below doesn't show as dramatic of a transformation as possible, because we basically went from off-white primed plaster to extremely pale grey paint (Horizon by Benjamin Moore Aura which we did in eggshell finish). But in person it was a relief to not see all of our lazy primer lines:
Whoa - what's that I see??

Over there on the left side of the photo?

A shower curtain, you might say??

After what might be the most Herculean feat yet performed by yours truly, (I haven't stepped foot in a Target, Marshall's or TJMaxx since we bought the house 6 months ago - umm just to repeat that again in case you didn't understand the full weight of the matter - I haven't stepped foot in a Target, Marshall's or TJMaxx SINCE WE BOUGHT THE HOUSE 6 MONTHS AGO - and by the way - they are all within a 5 minute drive of the house) I finally convinced the hub that my time had come. We went to Target after our Friday night dinner, and picked up this lovely:
Ah - it made such a difference in the room! And it's such a nice quality curtain - especially for the price!

I even got around to finally screwing in this little guy:
wall protector doodad

Now this is what I have left, and it is also my dirty little secret...
Umm, missing something important?

Hopefully. Soon. For some reason I have been procrastinating the sink situation since before we moved in. But now I have little excuse to not tackle this full force like, now.

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