Monday, May 20, 2013

Follow me on BlogLovin'...

Follow my blog with Bloglovin...

I nearly lost it when I found out a couple of months ago that Google Reader would be shut down. After trying a couple of other blog feeds, and not being completely satisfied, my friend told me about Bloglovin' - I'm going to give this a try.

In the meantime, working on some new posts and hoping to get back into it pretty soon. I feel as though there is lots to share. Just working on finding the time to squeeze it all in!


  1. Just stopped by on a search for hall colours, thought I would say hi. You have an adorable house, I hope that's not creepy to say. Just thought it was rude to peruse and not introduce myself. I used to blog...too difficult to keep up now that I'm back at work and my kids are older. I will peek through a bit more; trying to figure out a colour for my tiny hallway/alcove/vestibule?? No idea what that thing is called. It's the area where the kids fight over who gets to go in the bathroom next.

    -Susan/Kyliesmom from Edmonton, Alberta

  2. Thanks! As you can see I don't often post new blog articles - almost a year now! Oops... But I do often lurk on my own blog, ha.

    I hope to get back into it a little bit sometime :)