Sunday, November 20, 2011

Life and Lists and a 2 year Housiversary...

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Sorry for the lack of updates. After an impromptu trip to California (yay!), I've been laid up with back and neck spasms (Grrr...), I'm just getting back into the swing of things.

I'm at the point now where I just keep making lists...

- To-do lists for each week
- Grocery lists
- Lists of stuff to do in the office
- Lists of house projects
- Christmas lists

I just realized I actually made a list of lists? Is that even possible?

Ok, so in honor of our 2 year Housiversary coming up this week, I'm listing our goals for the winter:
- butcher block - sand and wax
- sand, patch, and touch-up some troublesome areas of wall (stairs corner and upstairs bedroom spots)
- touch up white paint on trim (allover house)
- apply poly to stairs!
- finish priming and painting trim around stairs!
- pick paint and finish painting 3rd bedroom
- paint large dresser
- paint 2 small nightstands
- purchase pillow covers for living room throw pillows
- purchase and install chandelier for dining room
- purchase and install sconce and outdoor ceiling light for entrance area
- purchase king sized comforter (queen sized is too small for the bed!)
- lamps for bedroom
- organize recipe file and actually, like, cook
- frame and hang pictures, seriously, just do it (I actually did this a little bit this weekend!!)
- hang lamp in guest bedroom
- get new desktop and work on the office furniture situation

I feel pretty good about this list as most of the projects are not too time consuming! And the more time-consuming of the projects have already progressed.

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