Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Office update

This is a small thing but it took us about 5 months to get to.

Installing the roman blinds behind the computer!

Dum dum dummmmmm... May i present to you...

I'm almost as relieved to not have to look at the shipping boxes as I am to see the final installation.

It is subtle, but it is much neater than before.

You can look here for photos of the original roman shades!
(Or don't - those things were pretty nasty!)

Now we're starting to think about a better desk and rug, and perhaps a little reading nook or drafting table in the opposite corner. Also we have to figure out a way to neaten up those wires.

We actually have no idea what we're doing now since all we seem to care about is who gets to sit on the couch with the iPad.

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