Sunday, May 1, 2011

Getting rid of the ugly...

Yesterday morning the rest of the wallpapered kitchen wall looked like this:

By this morning (and why did this take me all day yesterday?) the wall looked like this:
Forgive the construction paraphernalia

The trim is painted white and the walls are patched and sanded. And my wrist is very stiff, even after ice packs and 2 Advil and a glass of wine. But the messy part is over - and that is the best feeling!

So I worked a little Photoshop magic to figure out what color paint to actually use on the wall:
The top row is the boring yet most-likely-to-be-used row:
A. A darker shade of Balboa Mist as used in dining/living room/hallway
B. Balboa Mist as used in aforementioned places
C. Cooler grey
And the bottom row, which is fun, yet probably-not-likely-to-be-used:
D. Teal blue
E. Lighter teal blue
F. Yellowy-Limey-Lemon

I think we will go with choice "A" - my main concern is down-playing the dark cabinets, and everything just seems to blend in a little better with the darker taupe-grey color.

What do you think?


  1. I think I like B - the same as the dining room?

  2. Yes, "B" is allover the house, I like the darker shade in the kitchen - it will look good against the dark wood.

  3. Me too. But doesn't that make the wood look darker?

  4. My whole thing is - I think the dark wood is going to look dark no matter what we do around it. You can't disguise it or make it look lighter.

    But we can try to make the room overall look BETTER, as in, more stylish. Like we are doing something on-purpose. I feel that the darker taupe makes the room look more finished and purposeful, whereas the lighter taupe looks like we just had extra paint leftover from the other rooms and didn't know what to do.

  5. I am particularly drawn to option C. The cabinets are beautiful and C really makes them pop.