Thursday, April 28, 2011

And so it begins...

I thought maybe we should take on one more project this spring/summer (cause, you know, I'm really not busy enough).

Oh, and also this past Tuesday I decided it would be the perfect day to take on the kitchen.


K I T C H E N.

With capital letters and spaces in between to show you how serious I am.

It might have started when we visited our friends Will and Sonya over the weekend, and they had their kitchen torn apart and almost put back together again, and it looked so sweet!

Also, last week I was showing a coworker photos of my house and when I got to the kitchen I was like "oh, this place is a mess!" and she was like "yeah, but you probably already took out that wallpaper and cleaned it up, right?" and I was like "no! not yet!" and then my internal renovation clock kicked in until I COULD NOT WAIT ANOTHER SECOND TO TEAR DOWN THE WALLPAPER.

before in all its unadulterated glory

I am starting small. This corner of the kitchen is especially annoying to me. It's dark. And the trim is painted Circa 1986 Country Blue, with Circa 1986 Country Blue ditzy wallpaper. It is quite dark.

The lucky thing is that the wallpaper is isolated to this side of the wall. So this is a good project that hopefully won't take much time and will probably cost nothing, because I'm assuming I have enough leftover paint somewhere.


So far I have primed and painted the doors and surrounding woodwork (there is another door, hidden to the right of the basement door). And I have stripped the wallpaper off.

Of course, any more substantial version of renovation in the kitchen will be a long, loooong way off. But I'm slowly starting to think about it in a more serious way. I want to do everything smart and cheap and quick - but I know in actuality a kitchen renovation usually ends up being annoying and expensive and slow.


  1. I think that fire extinguisher has to be moved - basement stairway?

  2. Yeah, it's definitely going someplace!