Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kitchen dreaming...

The layout of this kitchen could almost be like our little good house kitchen...
I've been dying to tear down the wall between our dining room and kitchen to create a bar/counter area like that.

I've also been debating whether we should make the counter as a free-standing island or peninsula as the photo. I'm really liking this layout with the little "appliance garage" towards the left of the counter-top - somewhere to stash the coffee maker/toaster/blender when not in use.

We'll have to keep dreaming for a while... too many other projects to attend to!


  1. Love the pop of color with the glass tiles. White tile would just be too much white, I think even for you!!

  2. I really like the counter. Considering the placement of the refrigerator, it'll probably have to be a peninsula. I fear the existing wall may be structurally critical. Do you know if it is? You may need to have posts to assure the structure. Can you do without that cabinet space?


  3. I have plans for the kitchen as far as layout is concerned. I would relocate the fridge to be inside the kitchen, as well as adding cabinet space along a wall that doesn't currently have cabinets.