Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We did something!

Curtain rods were hung. And all the land rejoiced...

The hardware is all from Restoration Hardware - the Dakota Chestnut collection. There was a pretty decent sale (!) a couple of weeks ago on hardware.

The color is slightly misleading on the website - it looks slightly lighter in person, but the pieces are all very solid, and have a nice distressed finish. And we really love it.

I originally wanted one long rod over the entire length of the above wall. Too bad RH hardware only comes in a maximum length of 126". What the eff?? We needed around 140-145" to get the right look. This is absolutely puzzling considering the insanely large scale of nearly every single item at Restoration.

I searched a few places for longer rods. I was almost going to combine JCPenney rods with RH brackets and finials. But everything came in a different width. It was a jumbled mess in my mind for a month or so. In the name of sanity and better hardware I settled on two rods over that section.

The single window is getting two curtain panels. Now I need more hook thingies. And tie-back thingies. The RH hole is not an easy one to climb out of.

Installing the rods - was not the most pleasant experience. I tried to hang the rods myself with the anchors provided by Restoration. Not happening. The anchors shot straight through the back of the plaster into the wall cavity. Lots of cussing ensued.

Cheap anchors + plaster walls = patching + no curtains

John called Will, who came with Sonya to the rescue with a fancy anchor set. And they worked on getting all six brackets up. And voila!

Now we have one small matter to attend to - the curtains.

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  1. I sure hope those curtains are up by Easter :)