Thursday, March 17, 2011

Winter To-Do / Spring Guilt

Wherein I obsess about all I couldn't accomplish in the past few months...

Remember way back a few months ago, I set all these crazy goals with the hopes that everything would be done by this spring (as in 3 days from today)?

Well, this is where we stand:

1) Closet Messes:

Coat closet:

X Toss old coats
X Buy new hangers
__ Paint inside closet, inside door, etc
__ Buy new baskets and organize hats, gloves, etc
__ Buy new shoe rack or boot tray for winter boots

Linen closet:

__ Toss old products
__ Buy new baskets
__ Organize new baskets
__ Paint inside closet

Score: 2/9


2) Finish Living Room:

X Paint bookshelf and mantle

X Paint staircase wall
X Hire someone to paint stairwell wall
X Stain banister
__ Polyurethane banister
__ Finish painting posts (after poly dries)
__ Paint stair risers
__ Hire someone to refinish stair treads
__ Someday install a runner

Score: 4/9


3) Lighting:

__ New sconce in vestibule

__ New light on porch
__ New dining room chandelier
__ New living room sconces
__ New upstairs hallway light

Score: 0/4


4) Window Treatments:

__ Dining room drapes

X Sunroom/office shades front wall
__ Sunroom/office shades side walls (on backorder)

Score: 1/3


5) Furniture:

__ Coffee table
__ Rug
__ Dining room table
__ Dining room chairs
__ Office desk

Score: 0/5


6) Future projects (to do in case I have extra time this winter - HA!)

__ Paint the third bedroom
__ Tree and shrubbery removal
X New car (yes!)
__ New driveway

Score: 1/5


Final score: 8/35 - I lose!

In actuality I was able to accomplish a couple of major time-sucking projects - like the living room side of the staircase and the built-in shelves. Each project took about a week to complete, including long hours on the weekend.

On the flip side, we would have put some more money into new furniture, lighting, etc if it wasn't for this little beauty instead:

It's all about balance. And having fun. And having some lazy weekends.

And we have one more thing to add to the list... All the snow and ice we had this winter did a number on our front stairs. Of course we want to start thinking about curb appeal. We don't want to be known as the messy neighbors on the block (at this moment there is actually a rubber tire on our curb waiting to be picked up - so it may be a little late for that). But between the scraggly trees and driveway and now this, we certainly have our work cut out for us.

The good news is, I'm setting a new goal this spring to keep on plugging away at as much of the list as possible. Will check back in this June.


  1. Amy Bella,
    Through the magic of my photoblastic awareness, I see that you are actually 0 for 5 on Lighting (not 0 for 4). But you're 1 for 4 on Futures (not 1 for 5). So your totals are still correct.
    BUT - the day has been saved, because your timing chain is off the wall. I say you're still live and the projects should not have been completed by Spring. I'd extend the date to yearend, 2016.
    The chandeliers still suck, but Scarlet Johansson looks pretty good around the house.

  2. Dad, leave it to you to notice the numbers. Yeah, I'm still not loving the chandeliers so back to the drawing board on that one!

    I agree I might have to extend my deadline out til 2016. Even then, not sure I'll be done with everything!