Sunday, March 6, 2011

Little Girls Room

My niece Donna is expecting a little girl this summer. She wants a pink nursery and because I can't mind my own business, I started looking through my images to find her girly inspirational nursery photos. Aren't these sweet?

Soft ballet pink with yellow accents

Pink and white

Soft neutral walls with pink accents and brown and pink bedding
(Donna, this reminds me of the bedding you chose!)

Yellow and magenta

Yellow and cutesie

Soft turquoise, but a little too serious

Turquoise and pink

Lavender and pink - the ultimate girly-girl room

Congrats, can't wait to meet your little'un!

1 comment:

  1. Some great ideas here! It's funny how we plan and plan our children's "dream" bedrooms before they arrive--but as they get older they know what they want,and it's usually not what we thought they'd want! Anyway, after spending 6 years in a pink & cream room, my little girl desperately wants a turquoise or lavendar bedroom...the last photo is perfect...such a lovely colour & is not too cold looking. Anyway, I will show her this photo as inspiration - she will love it.