Thursday, February 3, 2011

Secret Door!

If you are especially observant you might have noticed in my last post that there is a door built into the paneling of our staircase wall:
We have lived here for over a year now, and we have never opened this door. I thought for a while that it was nailed shut, then realized that it was locked. With a skeleton key lock. Despite owning a set of skeleton keys from our house, none of them worked in the lock.

The other side of the door faces a corner of the kitchen. I tried unlocking/picking the lock from both sides but it wasn't budging and I lost interest.

To be perfectly honest, I thought that one day we would get the door open and reveal a secret porthole to Narnia, or John Malkovitch's mind.

But... our contractor got the door open! I have no idea what he did, but it's working now! John was so psyched when we got home from work tonight - he couldn't wait to demonstrate walking through the door.
Opening the door did not reveal the Narnian realm I thought it would!

I find that I can't stand having parts of the house broken and not working. So this is especially satisfying.

I'm not sure we will use the door, but I'm glad we have the option.

I asked John what he thought of all this door nonsense, and I quote verbatim:
"I think, it's like - a wall has opened, it's like - a wall that moved. A wall - that it's basically like a - it's a, like a secret passage! Uh, a not-so-secret passage!"

Upon further questioning, John had a much more eloquent thought:
"This is a door that could have been closed for a decade, maybe more. There is no way of knowing if this door has ever been opened."



  1. I just found a weird "secret panel door" in my closet and freaked out! I love these weird oddities in houses. How fun you finally got it open! Can you use it as storage?

    Heather @ REOlisticRenovation

  2. Hi Heather,

    The secret door actually opens into a corner of our kitchen. It also comes to a 90 degree angle with our basement door (the other blue door visible when door is opened). In other words, it creates a full circle on our first floor instead of walking back and forth between rooms.

    Hopefully it will be more useful when our kitchen is renovated (in the very, very, far future!).

    For now we are hoping it can stay open in the summer to let cool air circulate.


  3. A secret door is SO cool!! Too bad it didn't go to Narnia or Wonderland. At least it could have let to a tiny little clubhouse for little ones.

  4. I literally LOLed at the Narnia/Malkovitch line. Yay for the secret door!