Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nitty Gritty

One of the longest-lasting construction (or deconstruction) eyesores in our house is the stairwell. It contains so many layers of ugliness. Blah!!

Let's start with what we had when we bought the house:
Woodwork: charming (dingy)
Wallpaper: mediocre
Rug: Gross, yet simultaneously comfortable
Ceiling: cracked


2 days through 3 months after buying the house:

Woodwork: still charming (dingy)
Wallpaper: partly stripped where we could reach.
Rug: Still gross, still forest green circa 1986
Ceiling: cracked, also cracks behind the wallpaper! Woohoo for awesome discoveries!



Woodwork: half painted, half wonky
Wallpaper: totally wonky
Rug: Still wonky
Ceiling and walls: Wonky McWonkerstein

So we are crossing our fingers that our contractor will show tomorrow and by the weekend we will have eliminated at least the annoying parts we can't physically reach (without risking life and limb) (I'm being overdramatic - but really, let's be serious and admit that neither of us is getting up on a ladder in a stairwell).


Here is my latest inspiration photo:
How funny that the situation above is almost identical to our home? The direction of the photo, the location of front door with light shining in, the ornate wood mirror facing the bottom step, neutral paint on the wall, the desire for white woodwork/paneling alongside the staircase. It all points towards awesome goodness, if you ask me!

Photos to follow soon (hopefully!!)

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