Sunday, November 7, 2010

Totally random

This weekend I raked and cleaned up the front yard, replaced all the batteries in the smoke detectors, turned back the clocks, did the laundry, scrubbed the bathroom top to bottom, installed weather stripping in our front windows. I also paid all the bills and organized and filed all extraneous papers, watched Avatar on HBO, and cleaned our floors. Dusted everything upstairs, and took a couple of naps.

I've been thinking about our living room couch wall. It is so boring right now! Almost embarassing. Especially that we've been here almost a year and everything looks like it was thrown in place in two seconds. We don't even have an area rug:
Then I saw this page in House Beautiful. Oh my god, do I feel inadequate:
I don't particularly care for the colors, but the layering! Seriously. This year will be the year of layering. Because I have none. Ok, I have exactly one layer right now. Couch. Need 8 large frames on the wall, tons of pillows, and coffee table. And patterns.

Next up: bathroom news. Shamefully, still no sconces installed. It's turning out to be slightly more complicated than we thought. Since the sconces are required to be attached directly to a box, and we only have wires coming through. And one of the wires isn't near a stud, so we'll have to rig something up (there's always something!!).

Anyway, we're checking if a friend can do it and if not, we're calling in some help. This will hopefully happen sooner than later, because it IS my goal to have this done by the one year anniversary of us tearing the old bathroom down.

But here is a sneak peak:
Still in the packaging. So sad!

And the mirror, ready to go up!

I swear this is happening soon.

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