Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bathroom - Part 13 - The details!!!

There hasn't been much bathroom progress since the last update. Shamefully little, considering I had a four day weekend and could have gotten it all done. Instead I spent the last few days like a desperate housewife, futzing about the house, and mistakenly going food shopping in my house slippers (the shame! whaaaatt?).

How soon I forget how to function when I have some time off.

But I had some time to think. And I'm slowly letting the accessories for the bathroom stew around in my head.


For above the sink, I've been thinking about the Simone mirror from ZGallerie for a few months now. I've looked around the discount stores for something similar, but I haven't seen anything remotely close. Most mirrors seem to have a heavy wood frame around it and I like how this mirror is frame-less, with the beveled edges, but also not too feminine, like some of the more ornate Venetian styles can be:
Next we have the lighting. Our bathroom has already been wired for sconces on either side of the mirror. I've been on the lookout for something a little on the historically accurate side. But I'm not married to the idea. I recently found these globe shaped glass shades at Rejuvenation, and think it is an idea to look into:
I like that the lightbulbs aren't visible from any angle. Which was an issue with some of the other sconces. And are the sconces supposed to point up or down? Somebody tell me what to do.

It would be awesome to have one of these babies attached to the wall, just to the side of the sink. I'm filing this under "maybe":

I think we need some softer elements - right now, everything has a harsh angle, or a hard edge (except the shower curtain) and a simple valance like this could do it:
Mom, I am talking to you, and your skills.

A robe hook on the backside of the door could be helpful:
And a ceramic stool next to the tub can be a handy place for guests to place their clothes or pajamas:

There is still a huge blank space on the wall above the toilet. I'm still not sure what to do there, but I've been thinking about a mismatched-yet-similar collection of mirrors, such as these from Pottery Barn:
Or maybe some glass shelves...
With pretty jars and things on it:

What do you all think? Is it all too fussy? Too boring? Too much white and metal? Add more stuff? Less stuff?

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  1. Love everything but the globe idea - you may want to rethink this - you'll be cursing yourself every time you have to change the bulb - I speak from experience - let's talk material for the bathroom.