Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blues Sisters

We just spent yesterday with friends at our First Ever Annual Summer Kick-off Party. So much fun!

Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of the actual party, or photos of the food, or even John and I in a traditional posing-on-the-front-stoop pose. (our friends took those and soon I'll be begging them on Facebook!).

But I did manage to squeeze in a couple of shots while I was getting things ready.

In the living room...
Grabbed some hydrangea from the backyard and stuck them in a vase. I still can't get over the quantity of free flowers we have just hanging out in the backyard.

To go off on a tangent - I am thinking more and more about decorating the living room - furniture, window treatments, cushions and pillows, new chairs. Right now everything is brown, white and greige. It's all just begging for some kind of color to punch it all up.

I've really been feeling this Cerulean and Rust combination, like the photo above. Picking up on the blues, (as usual, no surprise there) but also my new-found love of orangey colors. I swear I'm just starting to "get" orange.

In the dining room...
I also decided if I'm going to be psychotic about blues, might as well go crazy with it. I picked up this tablecloth, above, in Kmart of all places. For our party, I just made sure all the plates, dishes, etc, were either blue, white, or clear. It was actual pretty simple once I committed to the tablecloth! I'm also starting to become a little excited about tablecloths. Perhaps because our dining room table looks so hand-me-down-dorm-roomey? It's an easy fix. And most likely one I'll be using for a while!

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