Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bathroom - Part 8 - Told you so

I know you were all losing sleep waiting to hear if I ever got around to painting the woodwork in the bathroom. Last time I left off I promised I would persevere and get the bathroom trim painted by Friday night.

Well, told you so...


It only took until 1am Friday night. I was asleep by 2am. ppphhhhffhh.

Then over the weekend I whipped out the pint of Horizon by Benjamin Moore I was saving for such an occasion. (To think - some people wait for an occasion to whip out a pint of Ben and Jerry's!)

Anyway, I think we have a winner...

I wanted something to pick up the cool greys in the tile. I think this color does the trick.

Its the color on the wall and the color in the upper left hand swatch...
But I am too wimpy to set a deadline for painting the walls. Honestly, I'm waiting for a rainy weekend, but could be sooner if I get super motivated. Will keep you posted.

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