Sunday, April 18, 2010

Floors, Glorious Floors

Came home Friday to the new floor! Just in case you may have forgotten, this is what our bedroom looked like before...


and this is the same corner after...

Those horrible borders between rooms...

...are now gone:

It is honestly such a relief to get this DONE!

We came home to
quite a mess Friday night. The floors looked perfect, but of course the rest of the house was in complete disarray. Dust all over the place, our mattress was downstairs in our living room, our clothes in the attic. Lots of miscellanea piled in the bathroom. We spent time on Friday night and Saturday putting furniture back, doing our laundry from the week, and touching up the paint on the bottom molding. I remade the bed with all new bedding that I was saving for such a transformation. It feels like a new house upstairs.

I attempted to get into that black-hole of projects today - the bathroom. Thought I would have the whole weekend to paint the room and settle on (and order!) a sink. No such luck. I managed to get some wood-filler in the little nail holes on the new trim, and used up my last bit of caulking in some other areas. But I ran out of caulking. No primer yet (much less paint!).

It seems everything takes a lot longer in real life than in my head. And after such a busy week, my head needed some rest, so I spent much of today napping. Whoops! Would you believe that in my wildest dreams, this weekend also included a shopping trip to Lowes, Marshalls, and Anthropologie? And also a day's-worth of backyard clean up with the hubster. HAHAHAHA. I somehow forget there are only so many hours in a day!

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