Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our home!

Here is our home...

We love the blue and white! The entire exterior is the original wood siding, freshly painted with a brand spankin' new roof. The walkway, sidewalk and curb are all original flagstone. This is the photo from the listing ad which is why it looks so springy. Since the closing took place right after the owner moved and the day after garbage day, and the next garbage day was a national holiday, well, let's just say it's almost a week later and the sidewalk and curb are barely visible from all the trash! So we'll take updated outdoor photos later on.


I love the Roman shades, but they are in various forms of breaking down, so they might need replacing soon. I love the idea of each individual window having it's own shade. The radiator also needs a cover. Not sure where to get something like that...

Looking into the house, we catch a glimpse of the living and dining rooms:

Living room:
Fireplace! A real live fireplace!! 

The other side of our living room has a scrumptious staircase. Will definitely post more photos of that soon. At the time I took the photos, it was used as a not very photo-friendly hardware dumping ground.

Dining room: 
All original molding and stained glass window. 

The kitchen is in total working order. Except that there's no dishwasher. And the fridge is technically not even in this room. And in a perfect world I'd have my perfect white kitchen. But for now a working stove and sink will do!

Heading upstairs:

Bedroom 1: 
AKA the Master Suite Bedroom. We are debating whether to splurge for a King or Queen size bed. But the little home repair birdie keeps telling me we will be squeezing into our full size bed for a while yet! This is a nice size room - I don't think the photos show its full scale potential. It has an ok-size, almost-walk-in closet that will be able to fit a lot more with a few shelf adjustments.

The red in the photo below is wallpaper. I was so anxious to rip it out, I did it before I did anything else! 

Bedroom 2:
As of this posting, we've already ripped up the purple carpet. Some new paint and it will be better than ever...

Bedroom 3:
White walls with sponge painted leaves. At least it isn't wall-papered! 
We also wasted no time in ripping up this carpet. What lies beneath? That's another subject for another day!

Blink and it's gone...
Since it is the only bathroom in the house, we are wasting no time renovating this baby before we move in...

So since taking the photos a few days ago, we've ripped up the carpets in the small bedrooms, painted all the ceilings, scrubbed the kitchen down from top to bottom, cleaned up leaves in the front and back yards, prepped the living room, dining room, sunroom and master bedroom walls for paint, tested and committed to a few paint colors, scrubbed down all the natural woodwork to prepare for paint, polished the built-in bookshelves in the living room, uncovered some original doors in the garage, made 3 trips to the local hardware store within 24 hours, started to remove the wallpaper in the upstairs hallway, finished removing the wallpaper in the Master bedroom, ShopVac-ed our mess, and knocked back a couple of beers and a few pizzas. We were EXTREMELY LUCKY to have 10 of our very generous family members (and one small Yorkie) helping all weekend!

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