Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bathroom - Part 1 - One Hot Mess

So, back to the bathroom. It looked like this just 48 short hours ago...

But we got a little carried away. So carried away in fact, that we're lucky we have even a functioning toilet left...

Sunday mornings. I remember when we were carefree apartment dwellers. Sleeping in, or lazying around in front of the TV. We'd debate who had to do the dishes. Whether we should take a walk to get a bagel or make french toast at home. Oh Sunday mornings, you seem so long long ago. 

But guess what we did this morning? 
Yes, we spent this Sunday morning bagging every last little crumble. Then dragged each bag into one of the small bedrooms.  Then John crowbarred all the little floor tiles up along with the layer of cement, so we are down to the plywood floor. 

Just for good measure, here is a photo of the other small bedroom, filled with more bathroom demolition...
Don't you love how the sunlight streams in?

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