Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Purge

I'm going through a major spring purge. Last weekend we were expecting an overnight guest and I realized our guest-room closet had overflowed into a dumping grounds for god-knows-what...

First things first. I cleared away everything that didn't belong. Then I pulled some things out of the attic to add to the mix. This is what we are storing here:

fancy dresses and suits, evening shoes and bags, 
pictures to hang, photos, photo cds, photo albums,
extra throw pillows and comforters...

After everything was in place, I installed a curtain rod with a couple of curtain panels from TJMaxx...

This room definitely needs a little more work, but it is so much neater! My goal is to tackle each room/closet in the house over the next few weeks and then set up a donation pickup. I'm hoping to finish our room and closet this weekend!

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