Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fireplace update

We have fire!

This is really, really fun!

Can't wait to snuggle up to the fire and geek out with a Battlestar Galactica marathon this weekend ;)


  1. Yeah! I just discovered your blog, and I'm really enjoying it. Glad to see you have fire, but I'm curious -- did you leave your couch in front of the fire, or move it? I have a similar living room shape as yours, and I put my couch facing the fireplace (although I'm not crazy about the layout as it cuts the room in half & not great for small child running about). Following your idea, I wondered what it was like to sit with your back to fire? Thanks!

  2. Hi AnneB! We have for the time being turned the couch around to face the fire. Our "master plan" includes swapping the couch for a pair of club chairs that we can scooch around as needed,but right now the couch is working just fine.