Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Step 2 - front step rehab - painting the steps

Our house is blue and white. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I think it's a little too country.

I like blues, but I like teal more than denim blue, and I would prefer an all-over, shades-of-grey house and much less white on the exterior.

The thing is the foundation is also painted blue. The blue is just fully-integrated into the whole thing. And to re-paint the entire house when we think it's ok, it just seems like we'd be spinning our wheels, at least for now. But I am willing to paint the front door!

So now time for some Photoshop fun:

My mom suggested we paint the steps charcoal grey:
Paint the door and bench black, paint the stairs charcoal grey, add lime green planters

I think it's just a little weird to have a slightly different color on the steps than the foundation. It also contrasts too much with the house.

Then I mocked up a "crazy" color door:
Paint the door lime, paint the steps and bench blue

So, we're leaning in this direction:
Paint the door black, paint the bench and stairs blue.

Hoping this weekend is dry and sunny!

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